What type of pain do you have?

We can help you

Back pain

Do you have pain in your back or spine? Backache? Neck pain? Whole back hurts?


Do you have headache?


Do you have pain radiating to the chest? Costal pain?

Abdominal Pain

Do you have abdominal pain? Belly ache?Is that pain going to the groin?

Upper Limbs Pain

Do you have pain at your shoulder, arm, elbow, hand?

Lower Limbs Pain

Do you have sore legs, or pain down the legs?Do you have knee pain? Do you have arthrosis? Do you have difficulty climbing stairs?

General Malaise

Do you have pain all over your body?

Main Treatments

Portfolio Services - Interventional Treatments

Other Treatments

Portfolio Services - Non Interventional Treatments

Pain Treatment Unit Teknon
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