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Participation on Annual Scientific Review

On March 1-2, the Pain Annual Scientific Review, took place at the “Universidad Rey Juan Carlos” “Review of the progress of the last year in the area of ​​pain” . Dra. C Batet presented a review of the 10 best scientific papers published during 2018 in international magazines of great scientific impact or prestige on...

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Pain Treatment News

Pain Treatment News Music, health and analgesia by Dr. Carme Batet Patients who are in situations of significant stress, chronic pain or pathologies such as fibromyalgia, their own inhibitory pathway does not work properly, the internal mechanism to treat these stress situations does not work. In a normal situation, the brain, when it receives some stimulus...

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Neuropatic Pain Treatment Conference

On 21st March I participate in a meeting organized by la Societat Catalanobalear de Medicina Interna i la Societat Catalana de Dolor, with the conference: Tratamiento del Dolor – Dolor Neuropático. Many doctors attended in a very active meeting, where there were many questions, exchange of therapeutic experiences, which allowed expanding knowledge to promote better...

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Pancreatic Chronic Pain Treatment

Few days ago, we have conducted in the operating room a Radiofrequency treatment on splanchnic nerves, to control chronic pain of pancreatic origin. Pancreatic pain, can have various causes such as inflammatory, autoimmune, after radical surgery neoplastic due to chronic alcohol intake, etc. The treatment carried out consisted of bilateral Radiofrequency splanchnic nerves circulating at...

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