Participation on Construyendo + SED

Dr. Carmen Batet participates in the Candidature led by Dr. Luis Miguel Torres to direct the Spanish Society of Pain CONSTRUYENDO + SED,

Within the objectives of the candidacy we intend

• Turn SED into a true Multidisciplinary Society by promoting research, work based on quality and safety, and strengthening relations with national and European institutions.

• We want to be open to innovation and partners to encourage their participation and establish a true collaboration with the Autonomous Pain Societies.

• The future is in our WORK, TALENT, EFFORT AND PROFESSIONALITY. These are our most important values ​​that we are going to encourage.

• We take this step because the SED has to be the multidisciplinary center integrating pain and revitalizing all scientific activities related to pain.

Do not forget to know our website

On October 18 we had a working meeting in Malaga, coinciding with the XXVIII Congres of the Andalusian Pain Society. Here is a small representation of those we attend.

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