International Symposium on Update on the Use of Opioids in Pain Treatment – Barcelona

On 1 and 2 December we have performed in Barcelona the International Symposium on Update on the Use of Opioids,  in which more than 300 professionals in the Treatment of Pain such as  Anesthesiologists, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, Family Doctors among others. Prescribing opioids in Catalonia has increased by 56 percent over the last 6 years. Indications, dosing and monitoring of patients using these treatments were updated at the Symposium, which are highly effective and have other important consequences on the lives of people and as such should be closely monitored. Speakers were coming  from US, England, Denmark and Spain.

Doctora Batet participating at the Symposium

Board of the Societat Catalana de Dolor (Catalan Pain Society) Symposium organizer

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