Participation on Annual Scientific Review

On March 1-2, the Pain Annual Scientific Review, took place at the “Universidad Rey Juan Carlos” “Review of the progress of the last year in the area of ​​pain” .

Dra. C Batet presented a review of the 10 best scientific papers published during 2018 in international magazines of great scientific impact or prestige on the Interventional Treatment of Neuropathic Pain.

Of these 10 works, she chose 3 to expose them and discuss them extensively with the audience.

Neuropathic Pain is Pain that is modulated in fibrous nerves and is characterized by a series of specific and common symptoms in this type of pathology.
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Dr. D. Samper, Dr. C.Goicoechea (Professor of Pharmacology and Director of the Course), Dra. C. Batet, Dra. A Perelló
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