Award EFHRE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY in research on pain treatment


First Award in Advanced Pain Treatment Investigation at the VIII Foro Mediterráneo Multidisciplinar del Dolor organised by Sine Dolore organisation, went to Dr Carme Batet and her team at the Sant Joan Despí Moisés Broggi Hospital in Barcelona, with:

– “RF Pulsada en el ganglio hipogástrico por abordaje transdiscal L5-S1”

Dra. Patricia Magalló Zapater, Dra.Rosario Armand Ugón, Dr.Cesar Gracia Fabré, Dr. Miquel Moncho Rodríguez, Dr. Josep Masdeu Castellví, Dra. Carme Batet Gabarró. Unidad del Dolor. Hospital Sant Joan Despí – Moisès Broggi (Barcelona)

Dr. Carme Batet performed the treatment of patients and the technique that led to the presentation of this work. It is a technique that currently performed to a considerable number of patients and is to access the hypogastric plexus, via subsequent transdisca, by employing imaging techniques. It brings significant analgesic benefit, patients who have chronic pelvic pain of difficult manage.

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